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Weekend Blues

Most people love to see the weekend come. I use to be one of those. Worked hard all week and ready for some rest. Not so much anymore for me and my family. Mason was such a BIG part of our weekend. He could always be found at his Shay Shay's house for the weekend. Of course we had our time during the week too but weekends were extra special. Now we hate to see the weekend come. The light was taken from us that September morning . Nothing is the same and never will be. We are just wondering around in a daze a lot of the time. We had the best time that Saturday at Build A Bear and exploring all over Babies R Us. So grateful we had that day and it's forever etched in my heart . The look of excitement in his eyes seeing his monkey and fish made was priceless. Oh how I want that day back, and all the other days with him.

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