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Nine Months

Tomorrow it will be nine long and horrible months since Mason passed. I will grieve for a lifetime , period. The end. There will be no moving on or getting over it. There is no fix or solution to my heartache. Nothing can fix my broken heart, no going back in time . For as long as I breathe, I will forever grieve, ache and love Mason with all my heart and soul. Grief last forever because love last forever. The loss of a child is not one finite event, but a continuous loss that unfolds minute by minute over the course of a lifetime.

There will always be a empty chair, room and empty space in every family photo. Empty, vacant and forever gone. There is and will always be a missing space in our lives and family. A forever hole in our hearts. 

In our loss of Mason also comes grief and joy. I live from a deeper place and love so much deeper than before. My family and I have went through the most unimaginable pain, suffering and sorrow, again and again each day but with that also goes joy . The joy of Mason's smile, laugh, funny faces, his cry, hugs and kisses. The joy of our memories and time spent just being with him. I thank God for every second of that. He touched each and every one of us and had so many special moments with us all. Mason was our little piece of heaven and he made us all a better person just by loving him. The joy we experienced with him will last us a lifetime and beyond. 

Mason continues to touch so many people and that amazes me and his family to no end. I close my eyes and thank Mason every day for his imprint he is leaving on us all and each day he continues to teach us all something new. Amazing he is and our little piece of heaven. 

Miss you, miss you and miss you Mason. 

Love you, love you and love you Mason. 

Always your Gigi. ❤️

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