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Mason's Message

Mason was always a little explorer and getting into something. He got to go to Hilton Head last July with his Aunt Shay Shay, uncle Jeff, cousins Bradley, Bella and Jake. They made wonderful memories on that trip and he couldn't get enough of the sea turtles. He would just look and study them. We didn't know that just 6 weeks later he wouldn't be with us anymore. We are so glad he got that trip and all the wonderful memories we made. We believe Mason knew his time here was short and he tried to learn, explore and do so much in that time he had. We always knew he would make a difference and oh the places he would go..

We decided to do a message in a bottle in honor of Mason and tell his story. I wrote a note telling about Mason and put his foundation card in it. Sweet Bella and family was on vacation in Anna Marie Island in Florida in July. Bella prayed over the bottle and threw it in the ocean. We hoped it would travel and someone would find it and read about our little piece of heaven. Sure enough someone did find it, a wonderful lady found it while snorkeling in Florida. As God intended the lady named Deb also loves sea turtles and is from Georgia. How awesome is that! God had the right person to find it. She was moved by Mason's story so much that she is donating money in Mason's name to help save a sea turtle nest in Georgia. She also cared enough to locate us and let us know it was found. We were just thrilled and so blessed by her. Like we said our little explorer and sea turtle lover would make a difference in this world and touch so many lives. It so much more than we could have imagined and hoped for. Also a few news stations have asked about this and who knows maybe it will end up on the news. Mason's story may go viral! How awesome would that be. It's all more than we hoped for. 

We decided to make that trip again this year to Hilton Head this past weekend. We called it our Mason vacation. We stayed at the same place and remembered every detail from the trip last year. We got to see two sea turtles come out from the sand and make their way to the ocean. Amazing that we got to see that. Mason was right there with us for it all. It was on our way home from Hilton Head that we got the message about his bottle being found. So many signs on that trip that Mason was right there too enjoying it all with us. We may make that trip again next year. Oh the places he will go...

 We love you Mason Jayce and we talk about you every second of everyday. With every breath and step we take you are right there with us. Oh how we miss you! We miss you, we miss you, we miss you our little piece of heaven. Travel safe our little explorer, swim that big ocean our little sea turtle, shine bright our little star in heaven. 

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