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Up early and starting my day in Mason's room, as I do every morning. I feel the closest to him here. I look around and i see all his toys, chair, pack/play still with his favorite blanket laying there waiting for him to return. I remember our last time in his room. That September evening he was climbing all over his chair, banging his toys together, crawling and trying to get into the desk. He kept looking up at the ceiling, as if he was thinking "can I climb up there"? Mason was always trying to do so much and way ahead of the time he should have. I talk to him and stare at his pictures every morning and evening, as if I am willing him to appear in my arms again.

I chose his room as my place to work on his foundation every evening and I talk to him about my ideas, thoughts and worries. I so want his foundation to be such a success and grow beyond measure. I want his name to be associated with hope, faith, and love. To help someone in need through their darkest hours and troubles. I have put so much time into this and it has kept me going through so many unbearable days. I know Mason has pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone and learn so much. Mason is saying "you can do this GiGi". Maybe that's what his purpose on this earth was for, to teach and push me, show love and understanding, to live in the now and not waste any time. I never want him to be forgotten, and i for sure know my family wont. We talk about him everyday and to some they think we do that to much, and act as if he is still here. WEll he is still here and we will never stop. Mason is here in spirit and in our hearts always. So i pray each day his foundation is blessed and grows to help more people than we ever imagined.

So even though I sink, my heart still floats ...I am not alone, Mason goes before me and walks with me every step of the way. Meet me where the sky touches the sea. Mason is as brave, free and wild as the sea. Mason is as endless as the ocean and as timeless as the tides. Swim safe my little sea turtle !!

Gigi loves you, i love you, I love you!!!

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