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Mason’s Room

Here I sit in Mason’s room trying to write his special message in each  book to take to Piedmont Medical next month, the silence and memories are overwhelming me. Everywhere I look I see him and my heart just aches. Oh how I want to hold him and kiss his sweet face. I touch his blanket still where we last left it, and all I can do is just close my eyes and think of all the memories we made. I still see him climbing over everything and giving me his sweet beautiful mischievous smile when I ask “what you doing Mason” . Tonight is just to silent and the memories are to loud . Don’t believe I will get to finish writing in the books tonight.I will sit here in your room my sweet mason Jayce and fall asleep in the silence. .Gigi loves you ❤️🐢 Oh the places we will go together in my dreams tonight. 

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