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Two Years😇

As the sun is starting to rise, here I sit in Mason’s room. It’s dark, quiet and most of the world is still sleeping. I look around and see all his things still exactly the same. Time standing still as if he never left, but it has been 2 years, 24 months, 730 days or 17520 hours. In this room is where I feel the closet to Mason. I want to spend forever in here and pretend he never left. In the quietness of this new day my grief wants to overtake me. I can’t let it. I won’t let it. I will not break. I have to keep telling myself this everyday. I will chose to honor Mason and talk about him every chance I get. Not because I am stuck in the past, or can’t move on. As long as I live, as long as I breathe, with every beat of my heart he will not be forgotten. Mason is in everything I do and everywhere I go. He is in my heart and he is my heartbeat. I look at my son Tyler(Mason’s dad) and I see Mason. So as I sit here in the quietness I will honor and cherish that sweet miracle of life we had for 7 months. I will cherish the bright smile, sweetest laugh and best hugs and kisses I ever received. You’ll be in my heart always and forever. Gigi loves you , I love you, I love you. Swim safe my sea turtle, explore the wide sea my little explorer. 

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